Florence Summer Wardrobe for Women: Top 10 Must Have Items By Alycia Oliver

The very hot and dry summer months in Florence allow everyone to shed their layers of clothing and take out their light summer wardrobes. Hello pastel and white colors, shear and flowy fabrics- ah I love summer! Florentine men and women are continuously well dressed and up to date with all fashion trends. The following are a few suggestions of key items, hopefully keeping you in the loop!


1. Simply White. All white was a common theme used by the designer Pucci in her summer 2013 look and is a very big trend right now in Italy. Pairing a white dress with colorful jewelry or a bright lipstick can really make the outfit pop giving it a classy and sophisticated look. Not only is white a fabulous look in the summer, the contrast of the white fabric against skin will enhance any summer glow!


2. Big hat. This will be a useful accessory to keep you from melting in the summer sun while keeping you looking fabulous. There are the typical large floppy beach hats however keep your eye out for many other fabrics and sizes!


3. White Sneakers. Converses are typically the most trending pair of shoes at the moment. Not only will they relieve your feet from all the walking you will be doing around Florence, they can be paired with a wide variety of outfits. Shop for comfort while keeping yourself stylish!


4. Maxi dress. These will save your life in Florence. When you are running out the door these are the easiest items to throw on…for almost any occasion. You can dress them up for a night out, throw them over a bathing suit for the beach or even go to work in them. They are conservative and perfectly suitable for the Italian culture.


5. Circular Sunglasses. This trend dips into the past and allows the more hipster look to shine through in ones wardrobe. Sunglasses are an essential item for everyone in the summer; you might as well make them count! Additionally, glasses with a strong colorful reflection are something you may want to consider as they are spotted all over Europe this summer.


6. Pastels. Everybody loves pastels, and summer is the best and most acceptable time of the year to wear them! The secret is that pastels rarely clash with one another, and they always give you a light summery look. Pairing pastels with white is something that will make you stand out while walking down the streets in Italy.


7. Jumpsuit. If you roll out of bed and are dying to put on your sweatpants, turn to the jumpsuit. They are the most comfortable and stylish option! There are many styles of the jump suit; pants, shorts, strapless, low back. Choose the option that best fits your personal style.


8. Fringe Bathing suit. Bathing suits are a must have in the summer, an item you cannot live without. Since it is the only piece of clothing you wear on the beach, might as well make it a fashion statement! L-space fringe bathing suits are coming in strong for summer 2013 swim wear. Many colors are available!


9. High-Low Skirts. Showing off a bit of leg while having a flowing trail of fabric behind you is pleasing to the eye. These skirts are perfect for summer as the light fabric keeps you cool. They can be paired with a crop top to give the skirt a full effect.


10. High-Waisted Shorts. Once again bringing back a vintage look into the 20th century, a high waistline is back in style! Not only is this a very flattering look, it will open your closet up to more cropped shirts and tank tops.

The items above items range from casual to dressy, night to day, black and white to vibrant colors, but remember on average Florentines do not dress very casually. Do not wear your flip-flops- those are for the beach. This list should help you stay fashionable while doing almost anything in Italy. Happy shopping!

Calcio Storico Fiorentino: Historical Soccer By Alycia Oliver


As many of you know, Italians live and breathe soccer. This sport keeps all Europeans on their toes, especially during the world cup. The competition between each country is quite outstanding.  Restaurants and bars play games on their big screen TV’s to attract a large crowd of viewers! In the month of June the Calcio Fiorentino games take place in the Santa Croce Square. Calcio simply means to kick thus, after translation it would the “Florentine kick game”. The history and extraordinary rules of calico fascinates many people, drawing them in to watch the games. Here are a few points to fill you in on the sport.

076340176History- Calcio is an early form of soccer that originated in the 16th Century. It is said to be the game that started out all rugby and football events! Initially, the games were reserved for the wealthy citizens and it was said that even high public figures (such as the popes and royalty) were known to play.  In 1930 the games were back in action after being dormant for two hundred years! I would not be surprised if these games continue for many more centuries- I mean who doesn’t like to watch something historical and full of violence (this is a must see for all men!). To this day men take the game very seriously, dedicating their life once in the timeless arena.

076340626Rules- Here I will discuss the rules or better yet, lack of rules in Calcio. The official rules were first published in 1580. There are three games, each a duration of 50 minutes. The idea is for players to use both their hands and feet to move the ball up and down the field.  Each team must take the ball beyond their opponent’s defense line. One of the only few rules that apply are no sucker-punching and kicks to the head. Head-butting, punching, elbowing and choking are all fair game! Since no substitutions are allowed, this game can get quite bloody. As you can imagine, this is very VERY entertaining.

Teams- There are four teams with 27 players on each. A team that once belonged to the roman gladiators represents each district in Florence. The teams are as follows; Santa Croce (blue team), Santa Maria Novella (red team), Santo Spirito (white team), and San Giovanni (green team). Each team dresses up in some sort of costume to display their pride; of course all in matching team colors.


The soccer tournament is said to be an honor of San Giovanni, thus the final Calcio game on is June 24th (Florentine holiday for Giovanni). The finals are played during the evening, which is followed by an amazing display of fireworks on the Arno River. Cherishing the ongoing tradition of Calcio Fiorentino, Florence has kept the medieval spirit alive by reliving an event so ancient. To check out the Official Facebook page click here. I will also provide you with a well-filmed video to summarize the games, enjoy!