Treasures of Florence: Secret Bakeries – By Zoe Eager

After a night of partying and carousing at Central Park or Twice, typical Americans will wander back to their hostels, desperate for a good old-fashioned 24-hour burger joint to satisfy their drunchies and cursing the lack of European all-night diners.

Fear not.

Few foreign students are aware that several Florentine bakeries, busy producing that day’s goods in the wee hours of the morning, will actually sell you little pizzas and pastries hot out of the oven if you knock on the back door and wait quietly. Even if you’re not tipsy and tired, these treats will still be some of the best things you’ll try in the city, besides having the obvious advantage of making you look cool and savvy – and only setting you back for about 1 euro a pop!

(Believe me, I recognize the irony of writing about secret bakeries and posting the info on the internet for all and sundry, but a blog about the best of the city just wouldn’t be complete without giving these spots a mention)

So, without further ado, two of my favorites so far:

Corner of Via delle Ruote and Via San Gallo – Devastating chocolate croissants, but they do salty food, too!

Via del Canto Rivolto 2 – Knock on the glass door and wait until someone comes to take your order

Pictures coming soon!