Trick, Treat, or Party! by Mikayla Litevich

Just around 15 years ago a new holiday was brought to the ancient town of Firenze, international traditions were finally adapted and are slowly becoming more developed each year.  Plastic pumpkins, spiders, and Jack-o-lanterns, what other than Halloween of course! As Italians call it, All Saints day eve.

Many study-abroaders ask; “Do we dress up? Do we trick or treat? Where do we go?” Woah, no worries I have a few answers to ease the spirit of Halloween….. or spark it rather!


To dress up or not to dress up?… that is the question!

Yes! In fact the narrow streets are crowded with all types of zombies, vampires, and witches until 6 in the morning. There are many Halloween themed pub crawls, keep an eye out on the pub crawl “Florence Club” is planning, we promise there will be all kinds of creatures you won’t want to miss out on! Many bars and discos will be holding costume and mask competitions so dress to impress. When I say dress to impress, for all those Americans reading this, ahemm girls! I don’t mean wearing booty shorts and be a hooters girl, no. Andy my fellow “When in Florence” co-worker said, “It’s more like guys dressing ridiculously and girls in dresses.” So be somekind of creature, put some humour or possibly even gore into it.


^^^^^^^BRAVO ^^^^^^^



Don’t come knocking on my door!

Don’t do it, don’t knock on peoples’ doors screaming trick or treat expecting candy. Even after a couple of drinks into your system, try to remember it is a new tradition and the older generations don’t understand and quite frankly don’t even like the new holiday. They will not have candy waiting for you, strictly kids only are allowed to do this and probably only to family member’s houses. So instead buy your own candy at a local 99 cent shop and treat yourselves to the other in-season foods. October is the month for porcini and truffle fungi, roasted chestnuts, pumpkin dishes, and a traditional hearty soup called Ribollita.



Where to go?

What could possibly be a better way to celebrate Halloween but in the 2000 year old city filled with Medieval and Renaissance history? You can find haunted tours through the streets and buildings of Florence and later experience the night life at its finest. If you are looking to escape for the evening you can go to a nearby city called Borgo a Mozzano, in which they hold the biggest annual Halloween party. The Devil’s bridge is known to be the first Halloween celebration of Italy, first held in 1993. This year will be the 19th annual celebration where there will be live music concerts, a path of terror, horror movies, lots of games such as La Notte Nera(black night),themed dinners, and many more. Be sure to read the legend of the Devil’s bridge and celebrate this years’ Halloween right. Visit this website for more information


^^^^^^^The Devil’s Bridge^^^^^^^

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