Fiorentina vs. Juventus – The rivalry continues 20th October 2013

20th October 2013: FIORENTINA vs. JUVENTUS


The early 80s marked the beginning of a particular period of interest in Fiorentina’s history: the bitter rivalry with Juventus. In the final game of the 1982 season Fiorentina and Juventus faced each other to decide the winners of the league title. Following a dubious penalty decision to decide the game, Juventus were crowned champions for the year, much to the dismay of Fiorentina fans.

Following that, the teams faced each other once again in the 1990 UEFA Cup final, Europe’s second most prestigious club competition. Confident of victory, and elated at reaching the final of the competition for the first time, Fiorentina’s fans were hopeful. Or at least hopeful until the news broke on the day of the final that talented young player (and future Italian soccer legend) Roberto Baggio was to be sold to their rivals. Predictably, Juventus were victorious on the day, and riots broke out on the streets of Florence in protest at the actions of their owners. And so, one of Italian football’s biggest rivalries was born. Newcomers to the city take note: keep your Juventus jersey hidden deep within your suitcase.

Don’t miss out on your tickets for this year’s game! Available for a special student price from the When In Florence office on Via Giuseppe Verdi 46/r.  If you only go and see Fiorentina once whilst you are here, make sure it’s this game!  Tickets WILL sell out, so don’t miss out!


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