Experience Florence



Studying abroad is so adventurous & exciting, but as the weeks go by it’s easy to slip into a daily routine; go to school, come home, study, listen to music or watch a movie, & then it’s time for bed. More often than not, I’ll make time for a coffee with friends or go for a walk. Thankfully, my weekends are more exciting, but even still Florence has so much more to offer than just it’s nightlife. The city is filled with life & wonder, that’s waiting to be discovered.


So, I’ve decided to do something out of the ordinary every day, even if it’s simply taking a different route home than usual or going out late one night with a friend for food, just because we want to, & then seeing where the night leads us. Instead of passing that eye-catching shop, going inside to see what I find. There could be something quirky & interesting inside. Also, by doing something that doesn’t cost much effort or money, such as buying a homeless person a pizza or a panini, it could make a big impact on someone else’s day, as well as my own. I have found that people are so friendly here, so why not pass it on.


If there’s one thing I know, especially since being in Florence, it’s that time passes too quickly & every astonishing moment must be captured & felt. So, I’m living like never before & will leave Florence an enriched person. Florence means ‘I flower’ & I feel like by studying here I am blossoming into an even more independent & cultured person.