Day Trips: Chianti – By Zoe Eager

Tour of a Chianti vineyard

Two Saturdays ago I visited the stunning Chianti wine region for a tour of a vineyard to be followed by a wine and olive oil tasting. I’m only getting around to writing about it now because my legs were still in recovery from the “little walk” that our guides proposed we take through the vineyard.

It was brutal.

But it was completely worth it in terms of the high-quality touristy photos I got to take, and as a workout that, to my mind, gave me free reign to eat as much as I wanted at the gorgeous lunch hosted by the vineyard owner (not to mention the glasses of different wines at the accompanying wine tasting). After a hike through the vineyard itself, my friends and I were led into the wine cellar where we saw how the Chianti blends are made and aged, before getting to actually guzzle taste some for ourselves.

Wine tasting in Chianti. Casual.


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